Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Got a question for all you gardeners out there.
My holly hocks don't seem to want to do anything this year except make big leaves. Haven't seen one stem yet. Maybe it's too early. I don't know. Got any ideas.

Haven't been posting much but I have been enjoying reading others blogs. Great stuff.

Enjoy the day


Friday, February 27, 2015

My Wacky Cats

Here's my nutty cats sitting in the spring basket. Rose is the tabby and Spike is the Siamese.
What a hoot they are.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Happiness Is A Dog Named Sadie

I finally heard from the vet last night and Yahoo Yahoo my sweet Sadie dog is benign. The thing she had on her mouth is something I can't pronounce but the doctor says it's benign. We were all very happy to hear this. Of course none of the animals understood what I was doing running around the house whopping it up, but I did and that is the important thing. Sadie liked the fact that I kept saying her name. So one good thing for yesterday.

In the mean time, yesterday my cell phone provider, AT&T, went down in as many states as they cover out here in the west. On top of that my internet went out because Century Link, my internet provider, went out too because they run their "juice" on AT&T. NO PHONE, NO INTERNET for at least six hours. When I finally got enough info from the companies that there was nothing I could do I just gave up and about an hour it all came back on. Seems that a construction company down near Phoenix cut through and AT&T fiber optics cable and that was all she wrote. If I wasn't so cheap I would get Verizon, but yes I am too cheap.

Now more good things, my sage plant is finally blooming. We had a great all day rain this week and Miss Sage must have loved it because there are all little green thingies popping up around the bottom. So glad it didn't die in the cold weather we had.

Guess this is it for Thursday. On facebook we would be doing throw back thursday but I will do mine here. It's easier.
Ok this is me in Hawaii sometime in the late 80's or early 90's I never remember. I was in the rock and roll business then. Good times had by all.
Have a good Thursday all

Monday, February 16, 2015

Spring in the Yard

I don't really have a garden. Too many dogs running around digging things up. Same with the cats. What I do get are Arizona wild flowers growing in the yard and some bits and pieces of flowers that I have planted in the ground and in pots around my back yard. Oh and some cactus that blooms around April.
 Here are some crocus and daffodils that I planted many years ago from potted plants I got for spring. Some time they bloom and sometime not but they always get at least this far. I sure hope they bloom this year.
 Below is a mallow coming up. They are a wild flower here in Az of the poppy family. They are a beautiful orange and grow every where. They don't always come up. I haven't been able to sort out why. It does have to do with how much rain we have gotten in the winter but I don't know how much. Hope this is one of the years.
I will be posting them when they bloom. Keep your fingers crossed.

Does any one know anything about russian sage? Mine isn't even coming up green yet and I am afraid it got killed during the snow we had this year. Usually it has started growing green up from the ground by now but nothing. I sure hope it hasn't died. Do they freeze? Any answers.

Still no news about Sadie yet. Biopsy not back. Will let you all know as soon as I hear any thing. I hate this waiting.

Have a great day every one

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Just to let everyone, well who ever visits, that my Sadie came through the surgery just fine. She still is a bit groggy today but she is taking pain pills and antibiotics which I am sure are making her a bit woozy. Now we just wait to see what the pathologist has to say about what is really wrong with her.

Friday, February 6, 2015

I am not sure what is going on with me today. Not feeling quite right. Think it may be allergies or stress or a bit of both.

It is like spring around here right now. Suppose to be getting up to 80 today. Been like this since we had the snow and all the rain. So of course anything and everything that can grow right now, is. I must be allergic to all of it. I am not much for taking pills so I learn to live with it.

The stress part is my sweet Sadie is at the vet having surgery. She has a growth on her lip that might be cancer and my vet is jumping on it fast so nothing goes any further. Won''t know what the real story is until the pathologist gets a hold of the sample. I am worried of course and her Jack Dog and all the kitties are acting very weird because they can't understand where their Sadie is. Sadie is the Mother of all around here and keeps everyone in line so they are really at a lose.

For anyone who sees this please keep my see doggie in their thoughts.

This is my Sadie
Doing the big lounge on the deck. It really is weird not having her around. she is an Aussie Cattle Dog and is just full of energy even though she is close to 11 years old. Well just a few more hours until I can probably go pick her up. Patience Susan patience.

Forty-Four Years Ago Today: Apollo 14 Touches Down on the Moon | NASA

Forty-Four Years Ago Today: Apollo 14 Touches Down on the Moon | NASA